Monday, 8 July 2013

The Inbetweeners

On Saturday I went round Nina's to watch all of the series of The Inbetweeners (we underestimated how long it took and only ended up watching 1 and a half out of 3 series!)
Nina lives in a "Caritas Wohnheim" which is for students. For the whole year she failed to mention that they had a nice big room with a massive couch and projector - perfect for watching films! We made pizza and had a great evening :)

Karlsplatz view from Nina's kitchen

The sofa is big enough for a stretch!

Nina and Will

My Cousin's Wedding!

Hello, last weekend I went to Zwiesel for the weekend to celebrate my cousin's wedding. It was really great and I got to see my Mum, brother and sister who came from England! The reception was in a barn style bar and restaurant and there were 25 different cakes to choose from!!!! Here are some pics:
My sister!

Sister, Mother and myself 

Cutting of the cake


More Cake!!

My brother and Cousin's son

Me and Joerg
On Sunday a few neighbours had open gardens so you could look around and see how nicely kept they were! Here is just a photo of one.