Sunday, 30 September 2012

Drunk people, drunk people and more drunk people..

So yesterday started off with the brunch at school which was really nice :) We had loads of food and then second year organised some games. Sorry for the kind've blurry photos.. I don't know what happened to my camera?! 

 Food :)
 Crazy dancing to the Barbie song!
Me and Nina

After we went to Oktoberfest which was crazy, people were passed out on the grass.. it was only 3pm?! The tents there are huge and there's also a fairground with lots of rollercoasters etc :) A guy started speaking to me in German so I replied and he assumed I was from Munich and was shocked when I said I was from England haha hopefully this means my German is getting better! it was pretty cool but it started raining and you have to queue for hours to get into a tent so we left and went for a coffee in the centre of Munich instead.


In the evening I went over to the Swedish Ghetto (again the tube was just filled with drunk people, although everyone's pretty friendly and speaks to you which is nice!) and we had some drinks there, pretty much all of my Saturday!

Today my German Auntie came to visit me and give me a TV, food etc, so now I can watch German TV woo! Now to sleep and get ready for another week at Iwanson, still loving it!
Have a good week,

Friday, 28 September 2012

Its the weekend!

Just a short post today.. looking forward to my lie in tomorrow!!! Today floorwork was hard as I have no arm strength (really need to start doing press ups haha) but it was still fun :) I now have a full length mirror!!! I carried it up the stairs this morning before going to school. Sorry you have to see me in my pyjamas in the picture, I'm just too cool being in my pyjamas at 21.20 on a Friday night ahaha

Also maybe stretchings paying off? Although I still feel stiff everyday from stretching haha my body's still not used to it :)
Tomorrow I'm going to a brunch with the whole school and then to Oktoberfest! My Aunts coming round to see me Sunday and we'll probably end up at Oktoberfest as well!
Have a good weekend
Larissa :)

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Sooo update on mirror, I went back down there this morning again (if anyone sees me they must think I'm mental going down to look at a mirror every day at half 6 in the morning) and I managed to unstick the top bit of the two mirrors! Yay! So I think I'll go down again tomorrow morning and take both mirrors up to my room and pull them apart there hahaha :)
After school we went shopping, we went to a sports shop and the guy who worked in there was so high he followed us around talking to us about Italy ahaha, I also bought my first german purchase which is just a top to roll around in on the floor in dancing so not very exciting ---------------------------------------->
I went to the bakery to get cake on my way home and the guy laughed at me for a while as they didn't have the cake I wanted so I was a bit lost :(
Umm other than that my washing is piling up and I need to tidy my place!
Food looks yummy though right?

Almost the weekend!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

May need to practice my English..

Feeling tired but motivated after a good day at school :) I got asked as the only English girl what the bottom bit of your arm is called in English.. and I didn't know, so already learnt something new today! Its called your forearm :) I also had to show how to do a press up in class which was so bad someone actually thought I was joking ahahahah (maybe I will eventually get some muscles in my arm?!) Today was sunny sunny sunny and I decided to get the underground home for fun to see all the Lederhosen and Dirndls :) Quite excited to go to Oktoberfest! I also found out that next week on Wednesday we don't have school as Germany's celebrating the reunion of the East and West! It made me realise that since I've got here as I have no TV or Metro newspaper I literally have no clue about the news or anything that's going on in the world, someone may have to fill me in!
Update on the mirror: This morning I went down there in an attempt to carry it to my room but its stuck to another mirror! Waaa I tried pulling it but I'm too weak (stupid arm muscles not being strong enough!) I think I'll try again tomorrow morning :)
Other than that my knee is hurting and I still have lots of bruises...

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Busy bus, sunny day and bruises

So today I'll share with you how lovely my legs look at the moment - in other words covered in bruises! Hopefully I will soon learn how to survive floorwork without getting bruised :) We had Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, half an hour speaking with our "form teacher", Contemporary technique and Floorwork. We also did floorwork in Contemporary and Contemporary technique which is why my legs have currently died. This morning when I got the bus it was so busy :( busy buses are worse than busy underground tubes! Although when I got the bus home I saw it approaching the bus stop and decided to run to get it, I felt like superman :)
Not much else has happened.. might be going into school on Sunday as my friend's booked a studio to practice (he is mad, I was planning to spend my Sunday sleeping) but I think this might be more productive haha. We have a whole school brunch this Saturday organised by the second years which is nice and probably will go to Oktoberfest afterwards!
Other than that I've found a little full length mirror downstairs in the cellar and I think (if my german's right) you're allowed to take anything down there?! So I'm deciding when is the best time to carry a mirror that I'm hopefully allowed to take up 2 flights of stairs to my room haha :) I will update you when I've successfully done it!
Oh and from washing like a week ago, turns out I've lost one sock :( Its very sad
Another long day tomorrow!

Monday, 24 September 2012


Today my muscles are hurting, I feel like I'm not used to dancing again only because of having two days off. Today I had Ballet, Contemporary, Contemporary technique and Jazz; in Contemp Technique we had to push each others feet into the perfect pointe to make them more flexible, now my ankles feel sooo tired! After I went food shopping and now I'm waiting for the tumble drier to be done.. Not very exciting haha, what is exciting though is that today was the first time I returned my Pfandflasche! I got 1 euro 35 from it :) My flight home for Christmas is also booked! Coming back Saturday 15th December and then going back to Munich on the 5th January :) Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Going to have some green tea and then sleep before tomorrows long day,

Sunday, 23 September 2012

My little flat and more

I tried to make coffee from my coffee maker! After youtubing how to do it and spending 10 minutes trying to open a tin (turns out I was just opening it the wrong way) I managed it! Woooo coffee
Here are a few pictures of my place as I've actually tidied it now...

 Thanks for the cards guys! Sticking them up on my wall so keep them coming :)

Yay fooooooood

 Sunny today!

 Being a good German and collecting my various Pfandflasche; need to actually recycle them/take them back to the shop now..

Tidy bookcase (note how are there aren't really books on it) 

Having a lazy Sunday today which will only consist of going down to the bins and shaking out my carpets,
resting for another week at Iwanson!
Larissa :)

Saturday - Lederhosen and my first German Theatre trip

Hellooo, so yesterday my friend Nina came round  and we made food :) 

Then we went to the theatre and had to catch the underground and S Bahn (just normal overground train). As it was the first day of Oktoberfest Munich was literally filled with Lederhosen and Dindls.. I will try and  take a sneaky picture of a group of people as it looks so cool! We found some third years and first years getting the same train as us and formed a little group and walked to the theatre :) we watched a contemporary piece about how people find inner silence/happiness in different ways; the choreographer is one of our teachers and also one of the dancers is our teacher as well so it was really interesting to watch!
It was nice to see everyone not in dance wear but dressed up and after we stayed for a discussion with the choreographer and then went to the bar. On the way home two very drunk guys came and chatted to us as they were completely lost and wanted to get back to Oktoberfest haha, next week I'll be going to Oktoberfest to see what it's like! 
That was pretty much my Saturday :) 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Floorwork, 20 degrees and two weeks at Iwanson!

I've been at Iwanson for two weeks now! Time goes so quickly, today we had Ballet, double Contemporary, Improvisation and Dance History. We did floorwork in Contemp and now the bruises are starting to appear on my legs! All worth it though as I love floorwork :) It was 20 degrees in Munich today, unfortunately at 7 in the morning its not that warm, so I thought I would be clever and wear winter clothes; regretted it when I had to walk home in the heat! Went straight home today and looking forward to my lie in tomorrow; have to tidy my place as tomorrow my friends coming round for dinner, we're going to the theatre with other dancers and then out for drinks after :)
Have a good weekend! (I'll hopefully be taking more pictures at the weekend)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sunny day and a slightly mad washing machine

Today was a good day! I wore shoes that didn't hurt and it's been sunny all day :) short day with only Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Music Choreography. One of our teachers brought in a pile of her clothes to give to us as she's ran out of space in her flat so I now have a new(ish) zara top woo! Me and some of my new friends went for a coffee in the centre of Munich (signs of Oktoberfest, shops, and men in lederhosen are now everywhere), I ventured to LIDL to buy more baby food etc and then came home to do the washing! In the last three minutes of the washing machine it started going mad and literally the entire thing was shaking, I was actually scared that it would blow up.. is that normal for a washing machine?!?! Waiting for the tumble dryer now and will cry if I have shrunk my clothes; then I just have to make dinner, tidy everything up and go to sleep for a longer day tomorrow!

Update: Havent shrunk my clothes but have washed and tumble dried a tissue.. it could be worse!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Presents and being English!

Just to say that my presents are in use, here's an example and that I'm still being English and drinking lots of tea :D wooo

Today wasn't such a good day...

So to start with it was raining this morning and I have to get up at 6.15 everyday, to get to school I have to walk to the bus stop, then after walk to my school. I made a bad decision wearing some boots that I thought I had broken in (I hadn't) and thought I had plasters in my bag just in case (I didnt). After 5 minutes of walking my feet died, I missed my bus but luckily they come every 10 minutes anyway! Wednesdays we have to walk to the other studio twice throughout the day which only takes 2 minutes, unless you are me and wear shoes that kill you :( We have 10 minutes in between each lesson and about 20 minutes for lunch (classes usually run over), by this point my feet had died and I was looking forward to my baby food for lunch, until I realised I had forgotten my spoon :( so for lunch I only had a slice of bread and red pepper. On the way to the bus stop my friend actually asked me if there was something with my legs and I was walking so wierdly hahaha, when I got off the bus I took my shoes off and walked home in socks on wet ground, needless to say, I won't be wearing those boots for quite a while -_-
Long day at school but nevertheless it was great!! Still loving it!

This was taken from the bakery outside my dance school a few days ago when Mum was still here!

For friends and fam

Helloo, after people asking me to write a blog I've decided to actually do it to keep all my dancer friends and family updated :) So I've already had a week at Iwanson dance school in Munich and its tiring but a lot of fun, its amazing to train with people who are from everywhere (we have 9 different nationalities in my year!) and most of the teachers are foreign too! At the moment we speak English as everyone can speak it but not everyone can speak German, although after half term we begin German lessons as well and have to speak german in classes! I do ballet every morning and contemporary six times a week (three are a contemporary barre and three are just contemporary in general) we also have floor barre, jazz four times a week, stretching class, anatomy, dance history, music choreography, floor work, ballet technique, contemporary technique and improvisation! Classes are one and a half hours long and after a lazy summer I'm not used to dancing anymore haha. Munich's a lovely place to live and Oktoberfest will be starting on Saturday! Heres a photo of the walk to school I take to end with :) 
Enjoy my blog!