Monday, 11 February 2013

A few dance photos

Here are just a few photos from our show on Thursday..


First year - day school and evening school

Friday, 8 February 2013

Munich party

Just a short post to say last Saturday I went to a party and whoever likes beer will be very jealous of this..
A bath tub full of beer!

Me and Nina

The party was really nice and my friend lives in such a lovely flat in an old building with high ceilings ^_^

The same day I also went to Zara and got a nice top reduced from 30 euros to 10! Loving the sale

That is all!
Larissa :)

A dance update!

We've been busy at Iwanson preparing for our "showing" that was last night. It's a show only for first years to show friends and family what we've been working on and to give an idea of what our everyday life is at Iwanson. Doing it reminds me how lucky I am to get to do what I love everyday, no matter how hard it is. We did a ballet barre and centre work, contemporary phrase and two exercises and an awesome Jazz dance to Nickelback "Gotta be Somebody". Next show is the big end of year show in front of 600 people in Gasteig; I cant wait to start rehearsing!!

It's show time!
I now have a week holiday and once we come back us and the other first year class swap ballet teachers for two weeks :) Happy to have a holiday as my right knee, wrist and lower back are all hurting! Today as the last day we spent 3 hours going over a phrase and then being split into various groups and having different creative tasks to change the dance. My group had cannon, simple enough but as we have worked purely on technique since September it was really nice to have our own creative input in the phrase!

Also doing sit ups 3 times a day is starting to pay off :)

Trying to catch the sun

A food update...

Here is just a random collection of the yummy food I've been cooking :) Oh and my basil plant is still alive!!!
Stuffed pepper with roasted vegetables

Bratkartoffeln and runner bean salad

Pasta, spinach and an egg!
 Me and Jorg also baked butterfly cakes one Sunday :)

Cucumber salad!

Roasted vegetables

A snowy update

Sorry for the lack of posts! Been busy this past month so heres a little summary of what's happened so heres a post about the amount of snow we've had in January! (It still snows every night)

It's so nice to have a view of the snow from our dance studios!
 Behind my building
 Walking to school
I also made a snowman (we named him Hansi) with my boyfriend in Englischer Garten; as the snow was too powdery he was very little, but cute nonetheless :)