Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A present!

I got a present this weekend from the boyfriend, he made a new cutting board out of bamboo wood (he's a carpenter) :) 
A bad photo, but on it says "An Guad'n", bavarian for "Bon app├ętit!"

My basil plant is now in bloom!!!

The weekend

Last Friday we went out to celebrate Nina's birthday, we had some cocktails at a Mexican bar, went on one of those cool bike rides that you sit in the back and a man cycles you round Munich and finally watched fireworks at Fruehlings Fest (like Oktoberfest but a lot smaller)! Was a really nice night :)
Sitting in the bike!


Inside the beer tent


Other than that had a relaxing weekend in preparation of our show which is now in two days!!! Very excited and have begun cleaning my room for the arrival of my Mum and sister on Thursday :)
Tomorrow we have "Lichtprobe" (light tech) day at Gasteig - where we will be performing :)

Monday, 15 April 2013


Now that the weather is no longer cold with snow, I plan to get back to jogging (okay I only went once or twice but still!) Dancing is mainly all rehearsals at the moment, with the exception of ballet every morning as well as on Saturdays. Today we learnt the finale dance and cleaned up the partnering section in contemporary. Both dances are finished and now all there is to do is clean everything! Next week we start full run throughs of the entire show which go on till around 6pm and then the week after it's already the show! It's come around so quickly. No injuries at the moment and slowly getting used to having to get up at half 6 everyday after our 2 week long Easter holiday :)
A happy bunny!

Food over the weekend

At the weekend Joerg made "Kaiserschmarrn" a very popular dessert in Bavaria (and Austria apparently) It's a bit like pancakes but cut up with raisins. Heres a recipe I found on the internet if anyone wants to try it (it was really yummy!) http://www.bavariankitchen.com/desserts/kaiserschmarrn.aspx This is a photo from what ours looked like; it was a little bit different only because he only had wholemeal flour instead of plain white flour.

The weekend before we also made brownies..

And ratatouille from scratch with garlic bread (also self made) and salad

Yum! :)

New Stuff

At the weekend I bought some new stuff for my kitchen, nothing amazing! Here are some photos :)
Look how pretty my new knives are!!!

New biscuit tin and tin for my tea bags :) They match my cup!

Starnberger See

On Sunday as the weather hit around 19/20 degrees me and Joerg went on a trip to Starnberger See. It's only 20 minutes away by S Bahn from the centre of Munich. It was a really great day; although I literally translated "See" into "Sea" and in the morning was corrected that Sea in German is called "Meer" and "See" actually means lake.. And also the fact that there is no sea in Bavaria.. Nevertheless I enjoyed myself being in such sunny weather weather by the lake, which turned out to be huge anyway! The skies were so clear that day that you were able to see the Alps on the other side :) it was such a beautiful view to look at it. No doubt we had ice cream and then went to Augustiner Brauhaus in Starnberg to have some food.
Here are some photos!

Me and Joerg

The Alps!