Monday, 16 June 2014

Holiday 2014 BIBIONE ITALY

I'll share with you what we got up to in the last week...

Last saturday we travelled from Munich to Italy by train. 6 hours to Venice, 1 hour to Latisana and then a half hour bus ride to Bibione.

We had amazing views as we travelled through the Alps

The journey wasn't too bad apart from in Latisana we had to wait an hour for the bus to come.
Once we got there we dropped our stuff off and headed to the beach.

We had over 30 degrees heat all week!

We booked a cheap hotel - Hotel Continental that was 4 stars (it didn't feel like 4 stars) but it was enough for us for a week! Not the most modern of hotels...

Whoever thought of that colour scheme should be fired!

The bathroom and room both smelt of old people, which er wasn't so nice.

But it was clean enough and we had a maid come everyday to change our towels and make our bed which was good. We also had air conditioning and got to rent bicycles for free!

The bikes were a brilliant idea as Bibione is so touristic sometimes it's just too much! We took our bikes and cycled into a nature reserve where barely any people were, and found a lighthouse and a secret beach.
You can't go right up to the lighthouse... as everything is closed off!

Having a look at some crabs

Other than that the rest of our days were filled with lying on the beach and swimming! We also went to Venice but I'll put that in a separate post. The hotel also has a pool but because it's so tiny and the beach is so close not many people used it. Which was good for me! Everyday after breakfast me and Joerg would go for a swim, which I already miss.

Oh yeah and this also happened...

This photo was taken around half 5 in the morning when the sun was rising and the tide was out.

A fellow German offered to take our photo and for some reason told us we should both look up to the sky, so er yes this is what we looks like!

Look how massive this jellyfish is!

The worst part of the holiday was the food. I never want to go back to Bibione unless we rent a holiday flat where we can cook our own stuff.
Sadly as Bibione is sooooo touristy all of the restaurants for some reason aren't that great. We suspected that they are all run by the same company as every menu was exactly the same!!
We had breakfast included at the hotel which looks okay I suppose in this photo:

But the truth is I'm so happy to be back here where I can have a proper breakfast again! The bread rolls were hard and dry, the fruit salad tasted and looked like it was days old, the yoghurt was thinned out with water which made it so gross and Joerg was too scared to touch most of the meat on display in fear of food poisoning!
I had already read reviews about the breakfast here but I didn't think breakfast could actually be done so badly - I was wrong. Everything was exactly the same everyday (which isn't so bad if the breakfast was good) and you almost felt like you were eating the leftovers from the day before. The one thing they did change is towards the end of the week they had some fresh cut up fruit which was better.

All in all our holiday was great - but only because of the great company we had of each other and our sense of humour. Bibione has an amazing beach and we didn't even find it a problem that there were so many tourists - the problem was the people who sell things. 

You would be lying on your beach chair (also comes free with the hotel) and every five minutes you would have to tell someone "no I don't want your sunglasses/towels/cardigan/massage/weird squidgy toy you throw on the floor and it goes back to the form of a ball!". Me and Joerg even tried pretending to be asleep which just led to five minutes of a man going "Hello? Hello? Cheap things to buy? You want? Hello? Hello? Hello?" until we finally told him to go away.
Even managed to take a sneaky video one time - turn up the sound and you hear the conversation!

The restaurants weren't better. You would be looking at the menu outside and all waiters would appear to try to give you menus and tell you what to eat to make you sit down. The whole thing seemed so desperate and made us run away from all people selling things rather than buy them!

So in summary: Bibione was funny and a good holiday and had really great weather (without the weather I don't think it would have been so good as there was nothing else to do apart from go to the beach), but the main disadvantage is that it's so touristic you don't actually get a feel for Italy! No great Italian food and we had to cycle half an hour away till we found amazing Italian countryside. So I don't think I would ever visit  again, sorry Bibione!


  1. Well, you truly slated Bibione, didn't you? Hahahah! I am sorry it wasn't great :( But at least you got to go swimming lots, and visit Venice, so it wasn't all bad. That hotel room looks HORRENDOUS! It's like an old people's home - a neglected one! And OMG I just realised that you are lying down in the sand in that photo... when i saw it on instagram, it looked as though you were vertical in the sand! That's why I said "How did you get down there?" !!!! But you're lying down so it looks more normal now!
    I hate tourists, people who bother you with their cheap crap, and awful hotel breakfasts. xx

    1. I know I didn't mean for it to sound awful as we did have a good time! But yeah it was because we could see a funny side of it hahahah. Oh I'll tell Jorg as thats the look he was going for in the sand! He'll be happy hahahaha xxxx

  2. It makes me a bit sad that you didn't enjoy fully your vacation in Bibione.

    1. Me too! Sorry to be negative but that's just the way we felt after a week there. I think the main part was that none of the food/restaurants felt authentic, but I suppose that's sadly the way things are when a place is very touristic.
      Thanks for the comment!