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Hi I'm Larissa, a 21 year old half English, half German student living in Munich. I started my blog in 2012 when I first moved here to keep friends and family back in the UK updated and now it's open for anyone to read!


Why did you move to Munich?

I originally moved to Munich to train professionally in contemporary dance at an international dance school. I've lived in England all my life and decided to move to Munich as I liked the dance school and I wanted to improve my German. I quit after one year for various reasons (you can find that post here) but fell in love with Munich and decided to stay. I'm now studying to be a "Gymnastik Lehrerin" (sport and dance teacher) and on the side I baby/dogsit for families around Munich.

Living is expensive in Munich, where do you live?

I'm lucky enough to live in Student accommodation, which is different to England. In Germany they don't have living "on campus", instead they have special buildings especially for students. I pay just under 300 euros for my little room (with little kitchen) and my own bathroom.
A photo of when I had just moved in, hence the messiness!
After a year and a half me and my boyfriend decided to find a flat together - the process was quite long and depressing when we saw flats that we wanted but we didn't get, but we got one in the end! The post for our new cute flat is here.

What's your favourite thing about Munich?

I see Munich like London but cleaner, more organised and with more trees. A favourite is the cycle paths here, the weather, the people, cheap train/tram/bus tickets, my boyfriend... okay basically I love everything about Munich!

What are your interests/hobbies?

A few things are cycling in the Summer in Munich, reading, cooking, crocheting. I love animals (I'm vegetarian) and hope in a few years I can get a dog or a bunny! I love exploring and would love to visit more countries. You'll also see posts with DIY where I (try) to create stuff myself or renovate it.

Will you return to England after your studies?

I don't really have an answer to this as that would be all the way in 2016, which for me is a long way away! I currently love living here and I suppose plan to stay, but who knows what will happen in the future.

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