Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Yesterday I did my exam! Wooo so happy its over and now I can relax :) We now spend the next two days having individual talks from our teachers about what we need to improve etc. It's been snowing like mad here and today its snowy AND sunny! Always a plus, I tried to take some photos but as its been sooo cold outside I didn't want to take my gloves off to take the photo (disadvantages of having a touch screen phone) so I dont have many photos :P Everytime I go outside I sing to myself "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". So excited for Christmas!!! And coming back to England on Saturday :)

View from Window in Iwanson :) snowy trees!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Short post today as I am so tired. Dancing is hard.
Here is a photo of me in a Sombrero to entertain you, although it refuses to go round the right way even though I've already rotated it :(

Sunday, 2 December 2012


Just a little post about Tollwood - where I went today. This is a Christmas Market located in the same place that Oktoberfest is. It's a great place to buy Christmas presents (and presents for yourself) as the stalls there are from all around the world. There are also different tents you can go into eg the food tent (food stalls from all around the world) and tents that have live bands. Here are some pics!

One of the tents!

 Me and Santa :)

Food tent!

We stopped off for some mulled wine which arrived in these adorable mugs.


Thats about it! Last week dancing was really stressful and hard but I've recovered and ready for another week of dance! One week left until my first exam at Iwanson!

Monday, 26 November 2012

My christmassy room

I went to Ikea two weekends ago and got a bit carried away.. So enjoy some photos of my room full of Ikea stuff :) I also got a brand new mirror from my wonderful Auntie and chairs to go with my marble table!
 Fluffy rug!!

 Oh yes I also have Christmas lights ^_^

 Bit blurry but the detail on my mirror is so pretty!
Generally being bored, woo mirror!

Food, dancing, sleeping..

Haven't posted in ages! Everyday is filled with dancing, sleeping and eating (pretty much all I do). We are now preparing for our exams that are in 2/3 weeks!! Scary stuff, we must do a Ballet barre, ballet centre, jazz combination (and I think turns from diagonal etc?), contemporary phrase and also things from the diagonal.
As I haven't blogged in so long I can't remember what the order of stuff I did so heres just a little update of some things:
Two weeks ago we had our pyjama party in the building I live in; all the new people had to organise it and we baked cookies for it :) yum yummm!

(Yes, behind that massive pillow I am indeed wearing clothes!)
 Yum yum yum!
I also got a very british parcel from my Mummy in England :) Thanks!

Yesterday I was going to go ice skating but turns out my friend only had 20 euros in her bank so we decided to save money and go walk around Munich :) We saw people surfing in Englischer Garten (they must have been sooo cold?!) and also saw all the cute little stalls/huts up getting ready for the Christmas Market!!

Other than thatttt I spent the rest of my weekend watching Greys Anatomy in our TV room and sleeping a lot :)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The past two weeks

Sorry I haven't blogged earlier! Been busy this week. So last week I was in Zwiesel and the first weekend it snowed! The whole week was sooo cold but got some lovely snowy and Autumn photos :) This post will mainly be photos because I took so many and its so hard to choose only a few!
Got a bit carried away with autumn photos.. 

 Fiery tree!

The bench was a bit slippy..

I also got a new Iwanson hoody!
 Ballet in the woods!

On Thursday it was a bank holiday to remember everyone who's died.. a bit like Remembrance day in England but it's for everyone as well as soldiers etc. We went to the cemetery as they play music outside and say some prayers and I've never seen a cemetery so busy?! There were literally people standing next to almost every grave there. It was really nice and in the evening we went back to see all the candles that were lit on pretty much every grave. I tried to take pictures but as it was so dark they came out blurry so you cant really see how amazing it looked, but here's two photos anyway!

The rest of the week was filled with shopping (I now have so many new jumpers and no more space in my wardrobe), seeing relatives and eating a lot!

Me and my Auntie back in Munich :)

 Last thursday I also went to a Zoo party in my building, I went as a leopard (photos of the actual night will be put on here if I find whoever took them?!)

Just to end with the lovely dinner me and my Mum made the day before she went back to England!
I'm back at dancing now and next week I start German lessons every Thursday :) My ankle no longer hurts but it still feels a bit weak :( I hope it fully recovers soon!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Away for a week

Tomorrow I am going to Zwiesel so won't be blogging for a week. The performance I went to see last night, "Puzzle" by Sidi Larbi was pretty good! Clever ideas and beautiful formations, however not the best dance piece I've ever seen (Akram Khan's "Desh" is still my favourite!) Afterwards me and two girls from my dance school went back to my building to go to the bar. I twisted my ankle walking down the stairs which has swelled up; unfortunately today I could only do the ballet barre and then had to sit down the rest of the day with an ice pack :/ Not a good way to end the last day of the half term! But at least now I can rest it for a week and hopefully it will be okay by the time I go back to dancing. I also bought an Iwanson hoody :) Always fun getting new clothes!

 Autumn in Munich is so beautiful, I think the main difference is in England because it rains so much all the leaves get mushed together, whereas here it doesn't rain as much so you can appreciate all the colours of the leaves! Here's some pictures :)

Also I just had to take a picture of my made up recipe because it looked so good! Pasta, red kidney beans, asparagus and cheese yum yum yum

Other than that it's weird to think that I have a week off dancing! Time goes so quickly. Looking forward to having a break (and for my foot to heal) but I'll miss dancing! Have a good holiday if anyone else has a week off!
Bis bald,

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I'm an old lady

Yesterday we had to do the plank for four minutes (and our usual sit ups everyday etc) so today I'm walking around like an old lady, every muscle hurts! After the half term I have to do a "training programme" full of sit ups, press ups etc etc to strengthen everything as my teacher says I don't have enough strength in my muscles (I don't think I'll be able to walk by the end of this)
On Thursday I am going to the theatre again! Munich has a dance festival starting this Thursday for a week; I wont be here next week as I'll be seeing relatives so I'm happy I get to see at least one show! This dance piece is called "Puzzles" and its the premiere so it should be good :) It's getting colder here and its so hard getting up at 6am :|

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Clubbing, sleeping, eating.. ONE WEEK LEFT TILL HOLIDAY

This weekend I have been pretty lazy (okay really lazy) as I went out Friday night first time clubbing in Munich! I went with dancer friends and also a girl who lives in my building :) Shots were 50 cent and it was a hilarious night! Was nice to go out clubbing again as that was my first time since a month?! I spent Saturday half watching TV and half falling asleep; however I did venture out to go to Tengalmann to look for tofu. Tengalmann is a bit upper class than LIDL or Penny so it's generally more expensive and so I never shop there. I sadly didn't find Tofu but did half give up as I was so tired and wanted to go back home. In the evening just went to the lounge to see some German friends and then went back to sleep ^_^

I am spending my Sunday cleaning and generally being lazy because my Mum's coming on Thursday! One more week left then it's already half term :O It's gone so quickly I don't even feel like I'm ready for a week off from dancing! We're going to Zwiesel for the week to see relatives etc so should be good. Tomorrow I must venture to Deutsche Post to pick up my parcel which is English tea :) German tea just isn't the same!
This weekend it's been around 20 degrees and sooo warm in the sun!
Pretty much my weekend :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Long day at school

Today we had a 3 hour ballet lesson as our Jazz teacher wasn't here so we had ballet instead. Not looking forward to tomorrow when everything hurts! We also have a different teacher for two weeks in modern who does a lot more floorwork which is really exciting :) Although bruises are increasing on my legs and hips...
At the end of stretching class today we had to lie on our backs and relax, then 10 minutes later we had to roll onto our side and relax.. Our teacher then said thanks and bye very quietly and left. 5 minutes later no one had moved so I got up and started getting ready to leave. Turns out no one had heard her say bye and they all thought she was still in the room ahahah they were awaiting her instructions. Here's a pic of them all sleeping/relaxing on the floor.. sorry the picture refused to rotate?!
Now I need to get some sleep :) Its sunny here but getting colder!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

My room and cake

Short note on dancing: On Friday in improvisation we did "Gaga technique" (no this is not anything to do with Lady Gaga...) in which you have to constantly improvise without any breaks, eg drinking water, leaving the room.. We did it for 35 minutes but usually you do it for an hour. It was really good!  Looking forward to when we next get to do it, I'm liking improvisation class more and more :)

Today my Auntie came round as it was her birthday and she brought with her homemade plum cake (the plums are also grown from my Granddad's garden) which was cute :)

 The plums look a bit burnt... but it was still yummy!

She also brought tons of food and so yet again I am fully stocked up on food! I think it will last me the whole three years ahaha :) After we went out for dinner in our usual restaurant.

I have also cleaned my room AND done my clothes washing, amazingly I haven't had a nap today! Anyway my little room is starting to look nicer so here are some pictures of my bed. Note how the postcards are spreading on my wall so thanks for sending them and keep them coming! :D

The massive cushion is so squishy and comfy, its the main reason why I fall asleep when I get home from dance school as it's so good to have naps on!

Tomorrow I am back to dancing and then have the "welcome evening" in my building where I meet all the new people :) Should be fun!