Saturday, 25 January 2014

The difference of friends

Today went quickly; popped into town to buy some swimming goggles and along the way found a new sports bag. Reduced to only 15 euros and its like a mini sports bag! (As I'm so short most sports bag look bigger than I do, so this one's perfect).

Afterwards me and Jorg went to Ikea with two of his friends - we don't have money to spend and have nothing to buy but I love looking around home stores anyway! And so we set off with his friends.
His friends are very nice, yet I can't help but feel the difference, and absence of my friends from back in England. In general sometimes I just miss being able to speak English and say whatever I want - in German I am fluent (minus the ongoing grammar mistakes) but if I want to tell an entire story or react quickly I have to translate it first in my head otherwise it most likely wont make sense just blurting it out.
Today I also felt a little left out just because I'm not quite so unhealthy - is that even possible?! As today all were smokers we were standing outside so they could smoke. I'm not a smoker as a) I have asthma and b) why are people actually buying things that kill you?! I don't mind people smoking when we're outside so I just stood there and waited for them to finish. Afterwards we went to Mcdonalds but I don't eat there as a) I'm vegetarian and b) I find nothing appealing about fast food chains so I just sat there and waited for them to finish.
I'm wondering if I was seen as the "oddball" for not taking part in these (unhealthy) activities? None of my friends in England smoke (apart from some "social smokers") and with my close friends we never go to Mcdonalds or any fast food chain as most of them never eat there either. I've found that in Germany basically everyone smokes, and I've seen the look of shock on people's faces when I say I don't smoke at all. I suppose I just miss the comfort of having my friends around me where it isn't awkward to say you don't smoke, and you don't like fast food, and the comfort/laziness to just speak your own language.
Don't worry though, I still love you Munich!


  1. Don't worry, Laire! Lots of people I work with smoke so whenever we go out somewhere and they want to sit outside in the freezing cold so they can smoke, I just call them dirty smokers and laugh. Or I just tell them I am "disappointed". But it's all in good humour! Also maybe you felt left out because they were Jorg's friends and not yours, so even if your German were perfect you'd still feel somewhat left out, if you see what I mean? So don't worry about it! :) xx
    ps. you're supposed to be health-conscious, not just cos of your health but because of the job you want to get into! :)

  2. Yeah I agree! It wasn't awful and they were nice etc etc, I just felt "different" haha, thanks! xx