Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Homemade Hat!

To get ready for the winter I've decided to start crocheting. After reading the book "myboshi M├╝tzenmacher" and watching a lot of youtube videos I finally got the hang of how to make a hat!

My first attempt on Sunday turned into a children's hat..
That sadly didn't even fit on my head.

Yesterday I started from scratch and although my next attempt was still a bit small (I still haven't figured out why?!) it fits my head!!
I also made my own pom pom for the top it :) Now I just have to wait for the winter to come and I can actually wear it!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Birthdays at Los Bandidos

On Friday night we went out to Los Bandidos - a Mexican bar and restaurant. We celebrated my boyfriend's birthday (which was on Monday) and his Mum's birthday (on Thursday). The atmosphere is great and by the end everyone is standing on chairs and tables dancing. We also had some Burritos whilst we were there (there are a lot of veggie options!) which come in big portions with rice and salad. Although the food was pretty good I generally wouldn't recommend coming here just for dinner as the music is so loud it's not very relaxing. It's very popular by younger people eg uni students and if you don't get there at 6/7 when it opens you will have to book (and I believe that goes for any day!)

The candles were in tequila bottles and were on every table, it gave the place an authentic feel.. but maybe not so good when everyone's drunk and dancing on the table?!

The bar closes at 1/2am so me and Jorg went home - although his Mum and friend decided to carry on to a different bar! 

Autumn and my Chilli Plant

The sun is finally out after a bit of snow (already) and lots of rain!
Sunny and warm enough to have my window wide open again
I love the leaves in Autumn

Autumn leaves glowing at night
In other news yesterday I bought a chilli plant from a cute vegetable and fruit store called "Gretal's Markt". My plant costed only 1 euro and you can already see the chillis growing!!

Toasted sandwiches and Croissants

The other day me and Jorg went quite healthy and made toasted sandwiches, the fun thing is you can literally put anything you want in them and they're so quick to make.

We bought some croissant dough from Aldi last week, and made our croissants yesterday for breakfast! They were only 1 euro 50 and you get six croissants from the pack. All you have to do is open it, seperate the dough into triangles (which are already cut out for you), roll them and put them in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes! Nice and easy and they look (and are) so yummy.

New "toys" for my course!

Last week we got to order some things for gymnastics and yesterday they came! Luckily we also got to order which colour. Here's what I got:

A pink ball, pink skipping rope, (and maybe the most exciting) a yellow/gold ribbon for rhythmic gymnastics!
Very excited to learn how to actually use them properly. Next week we have "project week" where we get mixed with second and third year and have guest teachers. Then afterwards I have a week off!

Monday, 7 October 2013

My first swimming lesson

As you know I have only just learnt how to swim this Summer, ready for my new course! Today we had our first swimming lesson and I just about survived. We swim at Olympiabad - as you can tell from the name it was used for the Olympics at some point.
It's a really nice swimming pool; although we dont actually use this one, we have a private one at the side (which I think is the university's swimming pool). And I'm lucky to get to go swimming now at no extra cost - it's included in the school fee! We had to swim for 15 minutes non stop and although I can swim now my stamina is still quite appalling! I did make it though and I'm looking forward to next weeks lesson already :)

Cooking post

On Saturday evening me and Jorg made Kase Spaetzle from scratch! It was the yummiest thing ever, if you like macaroni and cheese then this is even better :) Normally you would pan fry it from a pack that's conveniently already made for you, but instead we made our own dough and put it in the oven along with some onions, tomatoes and LOTS of cheese. (Generally not such a healthy dinner if you eat it everyday, sadly enough).

The photo doesn't look that appealing as Spaetzle is one of those dishes that never really looks amazing; but trust me, it tastes so good!
On Sunday me and Jorg baked an apple cake to take round a friend's...
Getting our five a day?!

Ready for the oven

Ta da!


It was amazing! I suggest you all go bake some apple cake right now. We actually cheated and used one of those packaged boxes (although is that really cheating? All they ever have in them is some flour and sugar mixed together) and it was easy to make!

Friday, 4 October 2013

A long weekend

I've now had two days of my new course; so far I'm liking it, although we haven't done that much! Yesterday we had brunch made for us from the cook (we have a restaurant) and he even made vegan dishes! I'm not vegan but vegetarian, and happily ate all of my kartoffel salat mit pilzen :) Today we had a rhythm class, sport biology, aerobics and an "info stunde" (information hour). Yesterday was bank holiday, and luckily I also get the Friday off for a long weekend.
Yesterday me, Jorg and some friends wandered into Oktoberfest, we did plan to get there at around 7AM to try and get a seat in one of the beer tents, but who really wants to get up at 6 in the morning on a bank holiday?! Instead we went around lunchtime and Oktoberfest was seriously packed. Although we did expect this! After a while of walking around we (amazingly) found a place in one of the beer gardens. We ordered beer and radler (beer and lemonade) for me as I'm not so keen on beer and spent most of the day there, talking to random drunk people who had been drinking beer for far too long!
Me and Amanda

Georg and his new friend?!

The man in the green hat we don't actually know, but we found him an ugly green hat that he seemed to love, so at least he was happy!

 Me and Jorg

This building actually counts as a "Beer Tent", and amazingly they build it and tear it down every year!
It was a good way of spending a bank holiday when all shops are closed :)