Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tea Party!

So last Sunday two friends came round mine and we baked some scones and had a tea party :) The scones were really easy to make (just a recipe from BBC) and it was a really nice afternoon.


Nina... wearing a tea cosy as a hat (which is what everyone does here the first time they see my tea cosy!)

Tea anyone?
It was really fun and my swedish friend suggested also eating it with butter, brie and jam.. It's so yummy!! Sounds wierd but try it!!
A great way to spend a Sunday :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A little post from a Saturday evening..

Last Saturday we went to a "Nacht Flohmarkt" (night fleamarket) which started at 5pm and I have no idea when it ended! We had to pay 3 euros to get in but it was really big with stalls inside and outside as well as live music and a bar. I ended up buying a rucksack (practical as I now have a bike so it's better than a shoulder bag!) for 7 euros, a top from La Perla (an italian designer) for 7 euros (I even haggled in German!!) and a zara white blouse for 5 euros. It was really nice and is known as one of the best quality fleamarkets in Munich. The photographer there asked to take photos of me of Joerg so hopefully I can find them online and put them up on here! Heres a photo of my bargains:

On another note: Last weekend my marble table broke!!! There was a crack in it eventually it broke in half! RIP Marble table

Dancing in over 30 degrees

So the Summer has finally hit Germany with most days being around 34 degrees! I was very excited by this until I had to dance all day when the studio is over 30 degrees with no air conditioning. All windows are open and yet there is no air! I've never been so hot and it makes dancing so much harder. The only advantage to this is that of course its so much easier to stretch :) In 3 weeks I am finished with my first year at Iwanson (it's gone so quickly?!) and we are now starting to prepare for our final exam this year! I just hope I can survive the weather :)


So this week its been over 30 degrees, including last weekend! So last Sunday me, Joerg and his Mum drove to Garmisch Partenkirchen to see "Partnachklamm", which takes only an hour by car when there isn't traffic :) We left at 6am and were the first ones there - a good idea as when we left (around 3pm) it was completely packed with tourists!
Garmisch is where the olympic ski jumps that you see on TV happen; watching it on TV makes it look so high from where they have to jump, but being there its even higher! It looked a bit like a staircase into heaven, here is a pic:
Looks like a staircase into the clouds!

View from the front

 Partnachklamm is a gorge; here are some photos of it. You get to walk on a small path next to the rock wall and along the mountain stream that runs between the mountain!
The entrance!

Joerg looking like a demon with red eyes!

There were lots of mini "waterfalls"

The current was so fast and the water was so loud as it crashed against the rocks!

Looking upwards!

Can you see the rainbow one of the mini waterfalls made?

Double rainbow!

 Once we went through the gorge you can go hiking in the mountains, this we did and after a long way through the woods we got to the cute restaurants and holiday homes! 

 I felt like we were in one of those typical Bavarian programmes where they all live in the mountains and own restaurants; it was so pretty!
 Afterwards we slowly made our way back down and sat by the river where the water was SO clean! Apparently it is usually completely clear and more blue but because recently it's rained so much it wasn't as clear as usual. 

When we went back through the gorge it was such a different atmosphere, it was so full of tourists that it was hard to move as the pathway is so small, and every photo you took had a tourist in it! It's a lot better when you go early when it's peaceful and you have all the time you need to take photos; rather than being pushed a long by the flow of tourists! 
I have a lot more photos but I will restrain myself from posting all of them as already this is such a long post! 
It was a great day with lots of sun :) (and a little bit of sunburn!)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Summer time summer time sum sum summer time!

After the masses of rain and floods we have had in Germany (luckily no dramatic floods in Munich!) we now have sunny weather! It says it will even be 32 degrees on Monday!!! And so to take advantage of this weather last weekend me and Joerg went to the River Isar to have a picnic and a little BBQ :) When we got there the Isar had gotten so wide from the rain we had to walk for ages until we found a suitable spot; but eventually we did and had a yummy picnic with grilled courgettes (sausages for Joerg) in yum sandwiches! Here are some photos..
Our little stone table with our BBQ ahah


River Isar

Solo week

This week we had a whole week of choreographing our own solo, and then on Friday showing it to the rest of the school! It was a tiring week with only Ballet in the mornings and then the rest of the day to just work on your solo, but it was fun to start being more creative rather than the usual technique classes during the week!

Here are just a few photos and a video from my solo; this was only done in rehearsals but you get the idea :)