Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Two week holiday in Munich

I have two weeks off and have been spending my time well! Last weekend I went to Zwiesel just for the day to see some German family which was nice, although it rained the entire day! It took two and a half hours on the train there and then the same on the way back so the whole day was quite tiring. Other than that I have been riding my bicycle lots and also went to see Scary Movie 5 (in German), although I didn't find it that great or funny. Me and Jorg also went to a beer garden by the River Isar with his family, on the way there was a field with flowers that you are allowed to hand pick yourself and put money into a little box! So cute

Me and Jörg made Knödel with mushroom sauce from scratch, it was soooo yummy!
Using my new cutting board!

Other than that I have been sleeping lots, cycling lots and enjoying the sun :)

Monday, 6 May 2013


Last Thursday, Friday and Sunday were show days where I performed at Gasteig (a bit of background info if you don't know what it is We had 11 hour days and I managed to get a cold just in time for the show, but overall it was a really good experience and was great to have my first proper show with all of my dance class :) Was also really great that my Mum and sister came over from England, and my Auntie came from Zwiesel to come and see it!
Photos will be put up when I find them!!
And now I have two weeks to relax and recover ^_^

Nymphenburger Schloss!

Today Jorg managed to get another day off work and so went to visit Nymphenburger Schloss (Nymphenburg Palace)! I got a new bike on Friday and so we spent the day cycling around Munich. Munich has lots of cycle pavements which means you don't always have to ride on the busy city roads.
Afterwards we went for dinner at the restaurant "Bohne und Malz" and then had ice cream (Yay it was a sunny day!), after we cycled home :)

Here are a few photos from today, I went mad with photos as it was so pretty here and it is so big!!! If you ever go to Munich you should definitely check it out!
My new friend!

Black and white goose!

Just a very small part of the Palace