Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Sunday Update - Wirbelsaeulengymnastik teaching

Well I did actually want to write this on Sunday but never got round to it.. So I'll just write it now about Sunday!

On Sunday morning I taught my "Wirbelsaeulengymnastik" (back strengthening class, or as google translate puts it: spine gymnastics! But it's basically a class where I help people strengthen their back and stomach in order to prevent/help back pain; a little bit pilates inspired).
I love teaching this class, it makes me feel happy! But at some point during the hour I always have a little doubt: "what if no one is enjoying this?" "what if they don't come back again?", well luckily on Sunday a lovely lady came up to me at the end and said how much she enjoyed it, and asked if I taught under the week as well! Very happy I left the studio and collected my things, on the way out my boss said  the woman had been to him and said the same thing, so he asked if in the future I wanted to teach a few more classes! Yay!
A little compliment made my day and banished the doubts that I had about not being good enough, I spent the rest of the day being happy and went over to Joerg's Mum's place where she made us asparagus, potatoes and hollandaise sauce - a very common dish in Germany when it's asparagus season! ..I have no photo as I was too busy gobbling it all up, sorry!


  1. oh, cool! nice room, too! i want to do your class (as in, i want to be in the class, so you can teach me)!! would they let me when i next visit you? lololol x

  2. Well you wont be here in Munich in May when I teach it if you mean then?? But whenever after that I'll ask! I'm sure they wouldn't mind seeing as I'm the one teaching it anyway?! lol xx

  3. Lol I know I just meant in general when I'm there! Hahahah but isn't it a fitness centre or something, where I have to be a member?! Anyway yeah just tell them I'm a special guest. LOL. OMG YOU'RE ONLINE I WILL GO ON HANGOUTS SOON X

  4. Yeah its a physiotherapy clinic/mini gym/day spa, and yeah I THINK you have to be a member, but really I have no clue!
    I've messaged you come online yay! xx