Friday, 6 February 2015

A trip to the countryside

Last weekend we drove an hour outside of Munich to the snowy countryside...
The main reason we drove out here to Hundham, Fischbachau was to eat cake. Yep, just to eat some cake, we went to a cute bavarian cafe/restaurant called Winkerlstueberl.

 By the time we got there we were feeling pretty hungry, so we had some food first. I had a traditional Bavarian dish called Kase Spaetzle. It's a bit like macaroni cheese but instead of pasta it's more doughy, and a lot more cheesy!

It arrived in a rustic pan.

Topped with fried onions, tomato and cress. I'm getting seriously hungry just looking at these photos again!

Okay and now here comes the cake... they have SO many different types of cake and I heard they make on average about 500 cakes a day!! We reserved a table as it was a Saturday and we were glad we did - downstairs there was a queue going outside just to buy cake to take away.

Poppy seed cheesecake

Cream Cheesecake

They even have cakes without nuts, perfect for anyone who's allergic like me!

Bavarian Cream Cheesecake

Jorg's hilariously big hand holding a teeny tiny milk jug.

And the best part - the slice you get is ENORMOUS, it's pretty much like an entire cake anyway! I couldn't even finish my cake it was that big (and I always finish my cake). The price is also amazing - a slice of cake costs 2.50 which is the same price as a normal bakery, but you get a portion triple the size than in a bakery!

Completely full we went for a little wonder round the countryside...

If you ever get the chance to go to Winkerlstueberl I highly recommend it - in fact if you ever do bring me with you!! I didn't take any photos of the interior inside (too distracted by food and cake) but it's like being in a cute Bavarian house, with your waitress dressed in a dirndl and cute little windows with old fashioned curtains and five hundred vintage espresso makers on shelves. You can also stay over night there which would make a perfect ski weekend as it's right next to mountains. 

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