Friday, 8 February 2013

A dance update!

We've been busy at Iwanson preparing for our "showing" that was last night. It's a show only for first years to show friends and family what we've been working on and to give an idea of what our everyday life is at Iwanson. Doing it reminds me how lucky I am to get to do what I love everyday, no matter how hard it is. We did a ballet barre and centre work, contemporary phrase and two exercises and an awesome Jazz dance to Nickelback "Gotta be Somebody". Next show is the big end of year show in front of 600 people in Gasteig; I cant wait to start rehearsing!!

It's show time!
I now have a week holiday and once we come back us and the other first year class swap ballet teachers for two weeks :) Happy to have a holiday as my right knee, wrist and lower back are all hurting! Today as the last day we spent 3 hours going over a phrase and then being split into various groups and having different creative tasks to change the dance. My group had cannon, simple enough but as we have worked purely on technique since September it was really nice to have our own creative input in the phrase!

Also doing sit ups 3 times a day is starting to pay off :)

Trying to catch the sun

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