Sunday, 25 January 2015

Merry Christmas part 1

A very delayed Christmas post! Let me update you what's been happening...

I had two Christmases! I stayed in Munich on the 24th and spent Christmas with the boyf and his family.

We had Santa hats and everything

And prettily wrapped presents (that were ahem torn open by me)

And I got a beautiful new necklace from Joerg! 

I really like
that Germany has Christmas on the 24th, and England on the 25th - as that way I don't miss out!

Little Amelie on Christmas

In the evening of the 24th, I flew back to England. It was actually a really nice flight - we left 20 minutes earlier than planned and they played Christmas music when we boarded! Well done British Airways.
London's lights were buzzing with energy

I arrived in the night, ready to go to sleep for my second Christmas.

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