Thursday, 20 June 2013

A little post from a Saturday evening..

Last Saturday we went to a "Nacht Flohmarkt" (night fleamarket) which started at 5pm and I have no idea when it ended! We had to pay 3 euros to get in but it was really big with stalls inside and outside as well as live music and a bar. I ended up buying a rucksack (practical as I now have a bike so it's better than a shoulder bag!) for 7 euros, a top from La Perla (an italian designer) for 7 euros (I even haggled in German!!) and a zara white blouse for 5 euros. It was really nice and is known as one of the best quality fleamarkets in Munich. The photographer there asked to take photos of me of Joerg so hopefully I can find them online and put them up on here! Heres a photo of my bargains:

On another note: Last weekend my marble table broke!!! There was a crack in it eventually it broke in half! RIP Marble table

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