Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Holiday essentials and the next few days

Went shopping for our holiday which is in 3 days time!

So as you see it's all the normal stuff - shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, sun cream, make up wipes, hand disinfectant for our 8 hour train journey there! What I've never tried before is sun screen for your hair (it's in the top right hand corner) so I'm excited to try it out! My hair usually gets a bit dry looking and damaged in the sun because of my highlights so hopefully this should stop it.

Other than that I found this in my wardrobe the other day:

I found these massive shorts in my Aunt's house last winter and so I took them to make a little project for myself. I wanted to make them smaller to fit me! I managed to shorted the shorts and from the leftover material make a bandeau so it turned into a cute little co ord. Sadly I didn't manage to finish them (in the photo I'm pinching the shorts together at the back to make them look nice) as the shorts are still massive! Would've been so nice to wear in Italy but it will have to wait for the next holiday (whenever that will be).

The following days are as follows:
Tomorrow a teaching exam, afterwards babysitting and washing clothes to get ready for holiday.
Friday is normal school, teaching my little tap dance group and then packing; in the evening we have a meeting to sign our flat contract(!!!) and pay the estate agent an extortionate amount of money.
Saturday we travel to Italy.

Then when we return we have to scrape all the money together that we need and two weeks later we move into our new flat!!!!!!!!!!
Here's to hoping all goes well on Friday with the contract signing and then the flat is ours! Yippeee
But first to get excited about our holiday :D
Have a good evening!

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