Sunday, 25 May 2014

Seeing the fam, Running and a Flohmarkt

I went to Zwiesel on Thursday to meet up with my family who flew over...

I was only there Thursday till Saturday, but as we took so many photos I'll let them do the talking:

 This is my sister being Harry Potter, she pointed at the horse and it's tail went up! Magic!

And this is her being a horse with her "tail"

We went for a run in the heat

Until the clouds came!

So we ran back home.

This is an adorable cat we found on the way who played with my legs! Not so cute when I realised she did actually scratch my legs which for some reason made my legs swell up!! Luckily the swelling went down and I didn't have to lose a leg.

On the last day we went to a Flohmarkt (fleamarket/car boot sale). My sister found an old lady's apron for 1 euro and I found a jacket for 2 euros.

Later on we found some hilarious hair bands, that had a fake fringe on them!!

Rather realistic don't you think?

My sister has come back to Munich with me for a few days, so here we are saying bye to our parents!

Mum trying to give us a message through the window

Zwiesel you've been a lovely mini holiday break as usual! 
Es war eine wunderbare anfang zum Wochenende!

(Was that even correct German?)

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