Monday, 26 November 2012

Food, dancing, sleeping..

Haven't posted in ages! Everyday is filled with dancing, sleeping and eating (pretty much all I do). We are now preparing for our exams that are in 2/3 weeks!! Scary stuff, we must do a Ballet barre, ballet centre, jazz combination (and I think turns from diagonal etc?), contemporary phrase and also things from the diagonal.
As I haven't blogged in so long I can't remember what the order of stuff I did so heres just a little update of some things:
Two weeks ago we had our pyjama party in the building I live in; all the new people had to organise it and we baked cookies for it :) yum yummm!

(Yes, behind that massive pillow I am indeed wearing clothes!)
 Yum yum yum!
I also got a very british parcel from my Mummy in England :) Thanks!

Yesterday I was going to go ice skating but turns out my friend only had 20 euros in her bank so we decided to save money and go walk around Munich :) We saw people surfing in Englischer Garten (they must have been sooo cold?!) and also saw all the cute little stalls/huts up getting ready for the Christmas Market!!

Other than thatttt I spent the rest of my weekend watching Greys Anatomy in our TV room and sleeping a lot :)

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