Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bank Holiday Blogpost

Today is a relaxing bank holiday!

Today we're off to a barbeque hosted by Joergs Mum - which is good as the weathers nice and I'm hungry!
So thought I would show you what I'm wearing (as I have no other photos of anything from this week)

Boots from Mango, I never seem to wear them enough even though I love them and they're so comfy!

Shorts are from H&M (not that you can see them that well)

And my floaty top is from Zara!

In other news we move into our new flat in two weeks! We've managed to accumulate a few things from friends and family (I was surprised at how much stuff). Here's a list so far of the generous offers we've had:
3 Fridges
2 Washing machines
A stove
A chair with pouffe
2 Coffee tables

Obviously we wont take everything but so nice that everyone wants to give us stuff they don't need! 
That's all for now :)


  1. Did you know that you can put your camera phone on a timer, even if it's in selfie mode? Well, you can on mine... I didn't know that for ages... I thought it might help with your outfit photos!!!!!!! x

    1. That's what I did on the first photo!! I couldn't do a good whole outfit photo because when I stepped too far away from my mirror you couldn't see the nice pattern of my top everything just looked black! Hahaha I'm not so skilled with the camera xxx