Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My moving experience

It's been a hectic week...

Last Tuesday I said goodbye to my little student one room flat and moved into our bigger flat - that's only five minutes down the road!
Moving was stressful. Even though we had everything organised it was still more stressful then I thought it would be. Probably because we got our key to the flat at 4pm and then had to wait for the van to arrive which meant moving happened around 8/9pm. There was also the problem that when we moved in it started to get dark outside, and we had no lights! We realised the screwdriver that we needed to install our lights was packed away somewhere, which meant unpacking everything in the dark in order to find one tiny screwdriver.

But we've moved and we're happy! Let me show you around:

Our hallway

A space for a cute little bench and space to put shoes and coats.

Our kitchen/living room.
We don't have a kitchen yet as Jorg is going to build one. As I told people in England that we have no kitchen it was quite shocking - don't flats just come with kitchens?! Well in Germany they usually don't! You either get no kitchen or you get one and have to pay extra for it, as you're technically buying it off the person who paid for it in the first place. In one way it's annoying but I also think it's quite cool that you can then design your kitchen exactly how you want it!

Our bedroom

The bedroom again, currently sleeping on a single mattress whilst we wait for our new double mattress to arrive and Jorg to finish building our bed! Last weekend he already started building it which means we shouldn't be "bedless" too long.


Bamboo in the bathroom!

This cup of tea tasted so good after a long day of organising and unpacking.

My new herb plants! Oregano, chive, basil (in recovery process) and thyme. Also a house warming gift from Jorg's Mum, how cute is the salt and pepper?!

What amazed me the most was how many clothes I actually have. Not only did I fill both suitcases that I have but had to fill up plastic bags with my overflowing clothes. Here they are on our temporary "wardrobe" till we get a real wardrobe: 

Here's the spare room: 

We're going to make this into a guest/wardrobe/anything else room.

We also have a second hand chair and pouffe that I'm going re upholster:

Looking pretty ugly and old fashioned but hopefully I can make it look better! I will let you know how I get on.

So that's the flat! Although we have very little furniture at the moment I already feel so comfortable here. Do you have any experiences of moving and what you would have done better?


  1. OMG it looks so cute! And even from the outside (the building itself, I mean), it looks so nice and inviting. A typical German flat! I can't wait to visit :D Please make the spare room nice and orange, to suit my tastes. Thanks. Oh and as for your question...... I can write the book on moving house. And what I've noticed about myself is that when I move somewhere new I have to unpack as much as possible IMMEDIATELY, otherwise I just feel weird! It's called "nesting", apparently! So I'm pretty good at moving and unpacking...... k bye I'm actually meant to be working right now xx

  2. Moving is a pain, especially when you have to wait around for the moving van. I’ve been in that situation more than once. I have to say though, it looks like the frustration was worth the wait! I love the light that comes in from the windows in the living room – it really makes the entire apartment look huge.

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving