Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas shopping and Tollwood

At the weekend me and Jorg ventured into the (very busy) centre of Munich to do some Christmas shopping! It was cold and snowing a little bit; which just adds to the Christmas charm :)

 We also got a side tracked and did a bit of shopping for ourselves, we went to United Colours of Benetton and I personally love this shop! But not because of the women's clothes; in the men's section whilst I wait for Jorg to try stuff on I can sit down and look at the window which overlooks the street between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz. It's so busy down there and yet this shop is never really full so I find it relaxing! The glass has some odd criss cross pattern hence the blurriness.

 A photo of us with our shopping, and Jorgs new Christmas jumper!

In the evening we met up with Jorg's family and friends  and headed off to Tollwood - the Christmas Festival. I forgot how much I enjoyed it last year! It's in the same place as Oktoberfest (Theresienwiese) and there are huge tents for different things eg one for present shopping and another just for food. We started off in "The Bazaar" where I purchased a cashmere scarf, then wondered over to a bar called "Tief im Wald" (Deep in the Forest) where we got mulled wine and sat on pigs and donkeys to watch a band. The tent had actual trees in it to match the name and the pigs and donkeys were carved out of wood.
They sell the star lights behind me and I desperately want one!

A tree sculpture

 On the way to the "Food Plaza" tent we ran into these guys. I actually have no clue why they are here and at night they look terrifying. There were three of them and luckily I managed to get a photo of them (I didn't actually take it.. I was hiding behind Jorg and he took it for me). Someone tried to explain to me that they represented some kind of ghosts?! They were double so tall as a normal person and I'm glad I wont be seeing them again!
What I love most about Tollwood is the food! Everything here is Bio and although Oktoberfest food is also good, there are much more vegetarian (and vegan) options here. I sadly didn't take photos of the food we ate as I was too quick, this was the only photo I took of one (that's blurry) and I've forgotten the name. As you can tell I would be useless as a food blogger! This was however extremely yummy and was like a doughnut but in a cylinder shape, covered in cinnamon and sugar.
I love Christmas!


  1. LOLOL Laire what the HELL is this festival! With those freaky monsters! WHAT. I have no words for this blog post! Your photo of the food you don't know the name of is excellent and made me laugh! Also, did Jorg select that Christmas jumper himself or did you make him buy it??? I need to get one for Bobo, because they are hilarious BUT some of them (like Jorg's) actually look really nice! XXXXX

  2. Hahaha I know!! But the festival without the monsters is actually really good :D Ahaha I didn't make him buy it! He actually found it himself I had no say in the matter!! He claims he only bought it as it's warm but he loves the Christmas polar bears really haha xxx


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  5. I went to my blog profile and then where it says something like "Blogs I'm following" you can copy a URL of the blog you want to follow!