Friday, 14 November 2014

A Very Bunny Post

Here's an update on the little cuties!

Amelie and Hector have settled in very well, and I'm happy to say they're now litter trained! Here are some photos of what they get up (Amelie is always so naughty).

Here they looking adorably innocent:


Before they started to eat my socks!

I also put my cuddly toys (yes I know I'm a child as I still have cuddly toys) in the bunny room - Amelie and Hector love relaxing by them! Hector even grooms Stuart der Schaf.
They can now jump up onto the chair as well...

Where Amelie does her Mr Burns (from the Simpsons) impression...

She also likes hiding in between the washing when it's hanging up to dry

...Or even in the washing when it's dry!

(It took me ages to find her!)
Here's Amelie hinting to Hector that she wants to be groomed.. subtly putting her head under his whilst he cleans himself

And Amelie helping me with studying (sorry such bad picture quality)

My little fluffballs are the cutest and have such great personalities already! They will be 4 months old soon - I also took them 2 weeks ago to the vet to check they were all okay and booked an appointment for Hector to be castrated. Yesterday was the big day and after I left him there and went back home I got a call from them saying he's still not mature enough! So we're going back in a week or two and hopefully he will be then, but at the moment they're both very happy and healthy!

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