Wednesday, 23 July 2014

DIY update

Little update with what's been happening around the flat!

Above and on the right is the material that I'm going to upholster the armchair with, on the left is the old material. I've now managed to rip everything off (it took a lot longer than I planned as I cut my finger open and had to wait till it was better to carry on).

Here's the chair completely "naked".

Today I bought the foam for the chair - usually you can just leave the foam on the chair, take off the old material and upholster the new material. However as our chair is second hand and from a smoker you can imagine how it smelt! The foam had also turned yellow (gross!). So that's all in the bin now thank god and it will have some nice new smell free foam :).
The foam was also more expensive than I thought, I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't expect a roll of foam to cost 40 euros?! I mean, it's foam?! So hopefully all goes to plan and we can actually use this armchair.

In other news we changed the door handle from our bathroom cabinet. We just bought a basic cabinet from Ikea but it came with a very ugly handle. Luckily Butlers and Depot have a wide range of handles so I picked up this one for 3 euros and Jorg replaced it.

Left is the original Ikea handle, right is our cute new handle.

Doesn't it look better?

I always think that the little things are what makes a difference and I'm very happy with this one!
And now to carry on with my chair...


  1. this looks so great! congrats on the door handle swap haha. are you going to change all the handles using ones like you found at the market?

    1. Well we only have one handle that needed changing haha nothing else has handles! But when Jorg builds the kitchen we're going to use similar handles on all the cupboards etc :)