Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bunnying around

Here's an update of what Amelie and Hector have been up to...

I bought Hector and Amelie a present last week - a hay house! 

It's a cardboard house covered in hay, perfect for bunnies (or other small pets as it comes in different sizes) to sit on, sit in, and nibble away if they want to! I thought they would get through it pretty quick, but it's sturdier than I thought as it's still standing, a good 8 euro investment I think. Here's an adorable video of Amelie:

On Sunday the bunnies had a fight: hair flew everywhere and I had to separate them for the day. We soon found out the reason why - Hector is now mature and started mounting Amelie! We had to separate them and they were only allowed to play together when I was in the room. Our original appointment to neuter Hector was this Friday, but I called up on Monday and luckily they managed to give us an appointment today.

I left Hector at the vet at 8am this morning and I picked him up at 15:30. It's a routine operation but there's always a chance something could go wrong and I was so anxious the whole day! When I went to pick him up he was awake and eating. We got home and he started hopping around as if nothing had happened, he's such a little trooper.

They're still separated at the moment just to give Hector some space to rest, but at the moment everything's looking good!

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