Friday, 14 November 2014

An Update on day to day Life

Hello, I thought I'd share with you what I've been getting up to and why I haven't been able to post so much recently...

Since our new Semester started in October my course has literally been so mad and busy. Gone are the days of first year where we finished at 12 or 1pm and went home relaxed for a nap. Every week I think "after this week I can relax more when the teaching/theory exams are over for a little while"... and then every week we find out we have more and more theory/teaching exams for the next week.

My days are longer at school and I'm also teaching 2 - 3 days a week, so let me share with you the yummy food I make to kick start my day. Above is strawberry yoghurt with musli and topped with frozen berries.

Here is basically the same but instead of frozen berries I have fresh pomegranate. A good breakfast really helps me and I can never go somewhere without eating breakfast first, even if I'm not hungry I eat it anyway!

Quakers raspberry and pomegranate porridge for the cold mornings (sent to me from England by my sister as I can't find any Quakers oats here) topped with frozen berries that melt into the porridge making it soo yummy.

Jealous by everyone's salad at school I made this salad this week for lunch - lettuce, red pepper, olives, sundried tomatoes and normal tomatoes with a vinegar dressing. Kept me happy the whole day.

Apart from teaching and going to school I've spend my free evenings preparing for exams

..And drinking lots and lots of tea 

And Jorg even brought me hot chocolate in bed at the weekend!

My new Aerobics class is also going really well.
It's so fun to teach something where you also move for the whole hour - I basically get a free aerobics class every week and what's even better is that I get paid for it!

We're also doing our life saving course in swimming, which I'm happy to say so far I'm coping with. Here we are looking like we're about to do karate:

We didn't do any karate, instead we had to swim with these suits on as part of the course.

Me and Jorg are also both ill, which means staying in bed with lots of tea.

 But on a happier note I bought some beautiful Timberland boots last weekend!

They're so warm inside and waterproof for when the snow comes again!
So that's about it, everyday is school, study or work and of course I spend every evening playing with my bunnies, and now to go back to bed and recover before next week starts.
Have a great weekend!

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