Sunday, 10 March 2013

Free time in Munich

Just an update of what else I'm doing other than dancing...

My Mum and Dad came to visit me for a few days in the Feb half term holiday which was really nice, we explored "Sudpark" (in English - Southpark) which is just 2 minutes away from where I live. It was still snowy and is such a nice place! Mum also brought me a Ballet teddy from Harrods - so adorable!
Mum and Dad in Sudpark!
Whilst the snow was still here me and my German friend from where I live also made a "Snowbar" outside on our patio :)
My jogging wear?!
Last week was so sunny and was around 14 degrees the whole week, my first Spring in Munich and it's amazing! The air is so fresh and it's so good that its getting warmer. I even went for a jog in Sudpark.. Sadly as my muscles aren't used to that kind of exercise for the next two days I found it so hard to walk downstairs and bend my legs at all, but they've recovered now for another week of dancing!

Back in December I bought some material from the market "Tollwood" as it was so pretty, so in the past couple of weeks I've made a cushion (and plan to make another one) by hand sewing it. It was really fun to do and looks cute on my bed! 
It's the small pink gingham cushion :) 

That is all for now!

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