Sunday, 10 March 2013

Short post on dancing

Currently we're rehearsing for our big show in May! We're getting lots of new material thrown at us and rehearsals are tiring but I'm really looking forward to it. Our crazy army floor lesson has now been moved to Wednesdays rather than Fridays; I personally prefer this as then I am not completely dead from the entire week, however the problem is that it has been moved to our biggest studio. Our first lesson there was last Wednesday and I barely make it army crawling to the other side of the small studio, let alone this one! But it is good for stamina and only makes us stronger :)  As the weathers been so nice its been so much easier to get out of bed in the mornings and I've also started taking my old route to school - walking to a further away bus stop and then only one bus ride to dance school!  I have my anatomy exam in two weeks so I've started revising etc and hopefully it wont be that bad :)

Better sleep now for the week ahead!

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  1. Are you still asleep?? Blimey O'Reilley's pants, Laire. x