Monday, 7 October 2013

Cooking post

On Saturday evening me and Jorg made Kase Spaetzle from scratch! It was the yummiest thing ever, if you like macaroni and cheese then this is even better :) Normally you would pan fry it from a pack that's conveniently already made for you, but instead we made our own dough and put it in the oven along with some onions, tomatoes and LOTS of cheese. (Generally not such a healthy dinner if you eat it everyday, sadly enough).

The photo doesn't look that appealing as Spaetzle is one of those dishes that never really looks amazing; but trust me, it tastes so good!
On Sunday me and Jorg baked an apple cake to take round a friend's...
Getting our five a day?!

Ready for the oven

Ta da!


It was amazing! I suggest you all go bake some apple cake right now. We actually cheated and used one of those packaged boxes (although is that really cheating? All they ever have in them is some flour and sugar mixed together) and it was easy to make!

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