Friday, 4 October 2013

A long weekend

I've now had two days of my new course; so far I'm liking it, although we haven't done that much! Yesterday we had brunch made for us from the cook (we have a restaurant) and he even made vegan dishes! I'm not vegan but vegetarian, and happily ate all of my kartoffel salat mit pilzen :) Today we had a rhythm class, sport biology, aerobics and an "info stunde" (information hour). Yesterday was bank holiday, and luckily I also get the Friday off for a long weekend.
Yesterday me, Jorg and some friends wandered into Oktoberfest, we did plan to get there at around 7AM to try and get a seat in one of the beer tents, but who really wants to get up at 6 in the morning on a bank holiday?! Instead we went around lunchtime and Oktoberfest was seriously packed. Although we did expect this! After a while of walking around we (amazingly) found a place in one of the beer gardens. We ordered beer and radler (beer and lemonade) for me as I'm not so keen on beer and spent most of the day there, talking to random drunk people who had been drinking beer for far too long!
Me and Amanda

Georg and his new friend?!

The man in the green hat we don't actually know, but we found him an ugly green hat that he seemed to love, so at least he was happy!

 Me and Jorg

This building actually counts as a "Beer Tent", and amazingly they build it and tear it down every year!
It was a good way of spending a bank holiday when all shops are closed :)

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