Sunday, 20 October 2013

Birthdays at Los Bandidos

On Friday night we went out to Los Bandidos - a Mexican bar and restaurant. We celebrated my boyfriend's birthday (which was on Monday) and his Mum's birthday (on Thursday). The atmosphere is great and by the end everyone is standing on chairs and tables dancing. We also had some Burritos whilst we were there (there are a lot of veggie options!) which come in big portions with rice and salad. Although the food was pretty good I generally wouldn't recommend coming here just for dinner as the music is so loud it's not very relaxing. It's very popular by younger people eg uni students and if you don't get there at 6/7 when it opens you will have to book (and I believe that goes for any day!)

The candles were in tequila bottles and were on every table, it gave the place an authentic feel.. but maybe not so good when everyone's drunk and dancing on the table?!

The bar closes at 1/2am so me and Jorg went home - although his Mum and friend decided to carry on to a different bar! 

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