Friday, 25 April 2014

Easter has gone and it's back to Munich

Happy Easter! I'll show you what I've been getting up to in rainy England...

So the week started off with me and Mum going on mad shopping sprees in Westfield and Kingston.
(on the way to Kingston!)
Which ended up with me having too many clothes so I had to buy a new suitcase...
We bought one of those light weight frame suitcases and although I had my doubts (when waiting for it in Munich Airport I just had visions of it arriving destroyed with my clothes falling out everywhere) it is actually really good! I managed to fill it up and still could carry it around if I had to. It survived the flight (not as hand luggage) even though I thought maybe as it's lighter and thinner it's more fragile - but so far so good! I bought it from Tesco it's called Z frame and was only £40.
Other than that I was reunited with fat Tigger, who has indeed, got fatter.

Also reunited with friends,

And helped Mum clean up our patio,

We started with one of these spider plants, and they just keep growing and having "spider babies"!

I revisited Henley-On-Thames (famous for Henley Regatta) where I spent two years there going to college. I haven't been there for two years so was interesting going back! I met up with a college friend and we had such amazing tea and scones at the Chocolate Theatre Cafe.

It was also my sisters birthday! And as it was on Easter Monday, we just had to have her dress up as the Easter Bunny and have a photo shoot outside.
Doesn't she look stunning?

Mr and Mrs Duck have also returned, my next post will be all about them just because they are so cute!

Other than that I had my usual doctor and dentist check ups, caught up with friends and family and generally had an amazing time! I miss England and it's always so good to be home (even if I am freezing cold there - espec when people are walking around in summer shorts?! Hello?! It's cold!!), but Munich is also pretty amazing I have to say! I'm lucky to have two places I adore which is why there's no point in getting homesick, you just have to see it as getting excited you're going back to Munich rather than leaving England. And that I'll be back in 3 months!

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