Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter Holidays

It's the holidays!

The last day before holidays at Bode Schule we were treated (like we always are every day before the holidays!) to chocolate. The nice thing about Germany is that they have such nice decorations for Easter - painted boiled eggs, glass eggs that are hung up, and daffodils everywhere! Whereas in England it's basically all about the chocolate (which I'm also not complaining about). In bode schule we were treated to chocolate and sweets.
It was such a good way to start of the day especially as I had no time to eat breakfast as I overslept!

On Saturday me and Jorg went to the "flohmarkt" in Olympia park. We got there pretty late so a lot of the people selling things had already left, but the good thing about Olympia Flohmarkt is that it's sooo big that even if some people leave there's still so much more to see!
We didn't buy anything but I fell in love with some furniture (matching little table, mirror and drawers), but obviously can't buy anything as it won't fit in my tiny room!

After we went into the centre of Munich, which was busy as usual but with added football fans and H&M fans; a fifth (yes I did say FIFTH) store of H&M has been opened in the centre of Munich - seriously?! They're all literally 5 minutes walking distance between each other!!
Anyway we found a nice cafe, sat outside and people watched, waiting for our legs to recover.

Right by Viktualienmarkt!

Afterwards we went to an Indian Restaurant; this was my first ever Indian food in Munich and I was impressed! We went to "Indian Mango" which is a 5 minute walk from Isartor. A small, quiet Indian restaurant where you can also sit outside. It's perfect for vegans and vegetarians as they have so much choice (have a look at their menu here) and what I really liked was the service. They were quick and so friendly!
I ordered various vegetables in coconut milk with rice and when it arrived there were cashew nuts on top of it (which isn't stated in the menu) - I have a nut allergy so I asked if it was just nuts on top and not in the actual dish and he said yes, I said I would just take them off the top and it would be okay but he basically insisted that they make it again for me! I haven't had such friendly service in a long time and after a long busy day trying to get through the crowds in Munich it was so nice to be somewhere quiet with good food. For meat eaters it also gets a thumbs up as Jorg is the one who recommended it to me in the first place as he loves the food there!

Today I have been so unproductive and have finally got round to packing. Tomorrow I'll be flying back to England to spend Easter with the family. It's been 4 months since I've been in England and this time it really does feel like a long time! I'm so excited! I might not be able to update on here for the week but I'll try to.
Have a good Easter!

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