Sunday, 12 October 2014

Everybunny Needs Somebunny

Last week we got two new furry flatmates! Let me introduce you...

This is Amelie and Hector! Our new 10 week old house bunnies. It's actually now advised that you keep rabbits indoors instead of outdoors as so many get killed by foxes etc outside, so our two little fluffballs live inside with us. They have their own cage but also their own room which they are allowed to run about in when we're at home. They're dwarf bunnies so they will grow a little but not much.

Here is Amelie up close - she's very curious about everything and will happily hop onto my lap - although today we did have a little accident where she decided she would mark her territory and ahem wee on me!! How can you be angry at that cute little face though?

Above: Amelie getting a bit close to the camera!

This is Hector, a little bit smaller than Amelie but very cute and for the first week his ear stayed upright, even when I tried to put it down it stuck right back up! He spends most of the time standing up and having a look around, and is also so hard to photograph because he's so quick!

And now for a little video...

Amelie was also very excited to see my laptop, she wanted to play too:

Hmm where's the button for the internet?

Ah google there you are! Now just to search for "carrot home delivery"


"Search results not found!" Gosh darnit.

Hector also waits at the door for Jorg when he hears him come home:

And after one week living here with us his ear has finally flopped down!

Having some fun in a lebkuchen box..

You can only see Amelie's bum in this photo but Hector managed to squeeze himself in there too!

I love our new bunnies to bits and I'm happily surprised that they've become very trusting towards me so quickly!

I sadly didn't adopt my bunnies from the animal shelter, which is actually what I was planning to do but instead I got them from a crazy bunny woman who is a hobby breeder; for some reason no one wanted these two and were on the website for ages, so after looking online at them everyday I decided to give them a home. 

If you are thinking of getting a rabbit I recommend getting two as they are very social animals and need a friend, and unless you live in their cage with them you wont be the friend they need! I also recommend saving an animal rather than buying one, and if you do get one from a hobby breeder make sure the breeder really is a good person who is doing it for the animals rather than just for the money - for example the crazy bunny lady asked me a lot of questions about how I would keep them before she let me have them!

That's all for now folks!
Have a great end to the weekend

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