Tuesday, 7 October 2014

WIESN 2014

I'll be honest, this year I only managed to go twice to Oktoberfest!

So the first time doesn't really count as I had to babysit. Which is basically a nightmare if you have to look after a 3 year old in the worlds biggest "Volksfest" (funfair) with over 6 million visitors a year.
So I'll skip that part and go straight to when I went on the bank holiday Friday.

The night before I had a little too much to drink so in the morning when I took the photo above I wasn't really looking forward to Octoberfest. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of the Knoedelei - which was the first place we headed for when we arrived!

The Knoedelei is a magical place in Octoberfest that makes Knoedel (dumplings) in lots of different dishes, also with veggie options! We went for the traditional Knoedel in mushroom sauce (Knoedel mit Schwammerl) but I was also eyeing up the spinach Knoedel with tomato sauce.

You can sit inside but there was a queue so we opted for outside - don't be fooled by the plastic bowl it came in - it was amazing!

I felt so alive afterwards we wondered through the slowly filling paths to find one of our friends - who had taken up a part time job selling Lebkuchen Herzen to earn some extra money.

After looking through every Lebkuchen stall we finally found him!

Hi Georg!

We bought two matching hearts and said our goodbyes.

We stopped off for more food... 

And went up to the "Bavaria" (the statue) to catch a view of the entire Octoberfest. 

On the way back I tried to get some sneaky photos of everyone dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen...

Jorg stayed to drink beer with some friends but I had to go and babysit. It was a fleeting visit Oktoberfest but I loved every minute of it!

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  1. Adorable! I want to go next year... keep your spare room free in September! Hahahha x