Monday, 8 October 2012

No more drunk people!

Oktoberfest has ended!! I got the U Bahn home today as I had to go to LIDL for food and it wasn't busy! No more drunk people in Lederhosen stumbling everywhere (last week there was a guy who was quite literally crawling up the steps of the underground with his lederhosen falling down). I've realised that for the past 3 weeks/almost a month I haven't eaten any real protein such as Tofu or Quorn (I'm vegetarian for anyone who doesn't know!) so I need to find a health shop and get some protein :) sadly I couldn't find meat substitutes in LIDL.
When I was on the U bahn speaking to my friend in English this guy who was American was happy that we spoke English and asked whereabouts I came from in England. I said Windsor and he replied with OH MY GOD WINDSOR?! THATS NEXT TO SLOUGH!!!! I hysterically laughed at his reply and then got off at the next stop ahaha. For anyone who doesn't know Slough its not the nicest place to be and barely anyone knows it, especially someone who is American and also currently in Munich?! Very random!!

Today Ballet technique class was really interesting as we learnt how to properly pull up and tondue to the back; I've never actually known how to properly do it without misplacing my hips etc so discovered some new muscles that I have and apparently need to use! Was really tired today and Jazz on Mondays is where we turn a lot so tiredness and turning is never really a good mix.. I still need to wash some clothes but yet again I can't be bothered! Typical student :)
And now to watch German TV and sleep for tomorrow!
Larissa x


  1. Ok seriously why do people know Slough! I find it weird enough when someone here knows it! also I laughed out loud at the description of the drunk guy in his Lederhosen LOL x

  2. I know!!! Ahahah Slough. Oh my god that was so funny, I had these bavarian men behind me and they were sounding all angry babbling on about how he cant handle his beer ahahahaha x