Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Long day at school

Today we had a 3 hour ballet lesson as our Jazz teacher wasn't here so we had ballet instead. Not looking forward to tomorrow when everything hurts! We also have a different teacher for two weeks in modern who does a lot more floorwork which is really exciting :) Although bruises are increasing on my legs and hips...
At the end of stretching class today we had to lie on our backs and relax, then 10 minutes later we had to roll onto our side and relax.. Our teacher then said thanks and bye very quietly and left. 5 minutes later no one had moved so I got up and started getting ready to leave. Turns out no one had heard her say bye and they all thought she was still in the room ahahah they were awaiting her instructions. Here's a pic of them all sleeping/relaxing on the floor.. sorry the picture refused to rotate?!
Now I need to get some sleep :) Its sunny here but getting colder!


  1. You can rotate the picture on your phone before you upload it! It looks soooo weird I was trying to figure out what it was (before I read that it was the wrong way round)! It looked like 2 walls (like from 2 tall buildings) and an alleyway in the middle hahahaha. xx

  2. I rotated it already on my laptop but when I put it on here it just went back to being the wrong way up :S ahahha! xx