Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Feiertag and confusing dance lessons

So today I'm not at school as its a feiertag (bank holiday) to celebrate the reunion of the East and West :) Went to a friends last night to make pizza and then went round another friends for some drinks! I've spent today watching How I Met Your Mother in German, cleaning my place (it's still really messy as I've currently given up) and also resting my foot which is still hurting! Hopefully by not going out today it will have recovered a bit for tomorrow :) Yesterday was the first day that our class was pretty tired and didn't have much energy, hopefully by tomorrow everyone (including me) will feel a bit more alive at dance school!

It's confusing when it comes to remembering things because in every class you have to remember very small differences; for example in Ballet with pirouettes you open one arm just before you turn and close it during turning, however in Jazz we have to open the arm when you turn and close it at the end of the pirouette. There's also things like what the teachers prefer, so  when you have your arms lifted straight above your head one teacher prefers your palms facing front and another prefers palms facing each other. In Contemporary you can adjust your second and first position by moving both feet however in Ballet you are only allowed to move one foot. It doesn't seem like much but when you're in class and doing exercises you always have to think about the small details to get it right for that particular style. Beginning to write everything down to remember it all and I'm still loving dance school :) Tomorrow we have to stay a little later as a woman is coming to talk to us about Munich's Dance Festival which starts towards the end of October; I will probably see at least one performance!

That's about it! Sorry no pictures for today I'll try and take some more at some point :)

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