Friday, 28 September 2012

Its the weekend!

Just a short post today.. looking forward to my lie in tomorrow!!! Today floorwork was hard as I have no arm strength (really need to start doing press ups haha) but it was still fun :) I now have a full length mirror!!! I carried it up the stairs this morning before going to school. Sorry you have to see me in my pyjamas in the picture, I'm just too cool being in my pyjamas at 21.20 on a Friday night ahaha

Also maybe stretchings paying off? Although I still feel stiff everyday from stretching haha my body's still not used to it :)
Tomorrow I'm going to a brunch with the whole school and then to Oktoberfest! My Aunts coming round to see me Sunday and we'll probably end up at Oktoberfest as well!
Have a good weekend
Larissa :)