Tuesday, 28 January 2014


On Monday I finally went back to swimming after a long Christmas holiday and then me being ill. I only learnt how to swim last summer and I have to go swimming every week for my course to become a swimming teacher, although I can safely say that I'm not planning on teaching people how to swim anytime soon!
Although I do hate having to swim every week (every Monday morning), and most Sundays I do indeed dread the swimming lesson, I have to say I'm quite a baby as once I'm in the water I actually enjoy the lesson. I also bought some swimming goggles at the weekend which make swimming so much more fun! I may look like a frog but I have no water in my eyes disturbing my swimming rhythm and making me blink all funny! I also forgot how much exercise swimming is, which is always a good workout.
Tomorrow I'm going back to the gym as I've decided that my cold/cough will never go away is slowly getting better so I may as well start getting my moneys worth and go to the gym again! Then its babysitting on Thursday and once again the weekend AND the 1st of February already!!! Time goes so quickly, I wonder if anyone's started their new years resolutions yet? I've managed to send 4 letters back to England which is a good start to mine: Write more letters to everyone who sends me them!
Have a good week!