Sunday, 30 September 2012

Drunk people, drunk people and more drunk people..

So yesterday started off with the brunch at school which was really nice :) We had loads of food and then second year organised some games. Sorry for the kind've blurry photos.. I don't know what happened to my camera?! 

 Food :)
 Crazy dancing to the Barbie song!
Me and Nina

After we went to Oktoberfest which was crazy, people were passed out on the grass.. it was only 3pm?! The tents there are huge and there's also a fairground with lots of rollercoasters etc :) A guy started speaking to me in German so I replied and he assumed I was from Munich and was shocked when I said I was from England haha hopefully this means my German is getting better! it was pretty cool but it started raining and you have to queue for hours to get into a tent so we left and went for a coffee in the centre of Munich instead.


In the evening I went over to the Swedish Ghetto (again the tube was just filled with drunk people, although everyone's pretty friendly and speaks to you which is nice!) and we had some drinks there, pretty much all of my Saturday!

Today my German Auntie came to visit me and give me a TV, food etc, so now I can watch German TV woo! Now to sleep and get ready for another week at Iwanson, still loving it!
Have a good week,


  1. Aw, cool! You didn't explain what the Swedish Ghetto was... I still don't understand it. Is it just someone's house? Or is it a whole part of town?? EXPLAIN. xx

  2. Sorry sorry! Swedish ghetto is these two buildings of flats on this one road, most of Iwanson students live there and majority are swedish! Hence swedish ghetto :) xx