Sunday, 3 November 2013

Botanischer Garten

On Saturday me and Jorg went to the Botanical Gardens in Munich. As it's already Autumn, the majority of the plants outside are gone but you can still go inside and have a look around. It costed only 4 euros to get in.

 There are plants from all around the world!

We went on a Saturday lunchtime and surprisingly they weren't  many people there (probably because it's no longer Summer). In some rooms we were the only people and it made it so peaceful and quiet.

Every room is like going into a mini jungle, with plants and  trees everywhere, in this particular room there were even plants hanging from the ceiling!

There are no annoying flies or insects inside, which is a plus; however there were cute turtles! 

Compared to normal tourist locations, Botanical Gardens is really peaceful. It's probably better to go in Summer so you can see the gardens in full bloom, although inside does get quite hot (even in Autumn) so I don't want to imagine what it's like in the Summer and with more tourists!

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