Sunday, 3 November 2013


I'm writing a post about Skype because it appears impossible to actually send a complaint to them. Since MSN and Skype combined (although really it's more like MSN no longer exists, and Skype is the same as it was before) it is possibly the worst instant messaging programme ever. Okay the video calls are still okay - apart from 70% of the time when I try and call my family the camera refuses to work, and if I'm logged into and Skype and someone calls me I get double the ringing on my laptop; but instant messaging isn't instant at all, its slow, delayed and frustrating. I reinstalled Skype in the hope that maybe it would help these problems, and when it didn't I tried to write an email to Skype telling them how bad their system was.

However trying to write a complaint to them is maybe even more frustrating then the instant messaging! Instead of just having an email address to write to, they have lots of drop down menu's that you have to choose from (and the problem you have is never in any of them) and then afterwards you can either write in the "Skype community", which is where all the same complaints are but no one helps or you can get "Chat support" where someone talks with you - although there is a wait time.
If technology is so high to create Ipads and phones that are basically a computer, then why can Skype not get a lousy instant messaging service to work correctly, like MSN has done for the past 10 years?!

After this rant here is a photo of a bunny with an ice cream cone on it's head to calm me and other frustrated Skype users down:


  1. SKYPE AS AN INSTANT MESSAGING SERVICE IS AWFUL. WHEN WILL THEY IMPROVE IT BY SOLVING ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS THAT EVERYBODY SEEMS TO HAVE?? Let's not forget: Each time I sign in, I have to sign in twice, because the first time it tells me "Your session has expired. Please sign in again." Ugh!

    Other issues:
    Messages are never sent on time
    You can't send offline messages
    You can't nudge people
    You can't add custom smilies
    You can't share photos by copying & pasting them - you have to send them, and that means you have to save them to your computer first
    You can't personalise anything!!!!

    Either IMPROVE IT or BRING BACK MSN!!!!!

    I wanted to add a photo, but I don't know how to add one to comments :(

  2. LOL the custom smiles!! A very important issue