Friday, 29 November 2013

December is coming!

For the last few weeks I've been saying that this year I want to buy an advent calendar that actually has good chocolate in it; otherwise what's the point of getting excited everyday to open your advent calendar if the chocolate tastes like the cardboard that its packaged in? (Apart from the cute pictures that are usually behind the chocolate). So today I got a little surprise from Joerg...
A Lindt Advent Calendar!
It's the same size as my upper body and the back of it shows 10 different chocolates that are hidden behind each door. It's all dark chocolate and nut free! Perhaps the only sad thing is that I only have 24 doors as in Germany the 24th of December is Christmas, but as I will be flying back home on the 22nd Dec it doesn't really matter that much :)
I'm already excited that in two days I will be able to open the first door!

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