Sunday, 3 November 2013

Museum Mensch und Natur

After our trip to Botanical Gardens we walked over to Schloss Nymphenburg to go to the "Museum Mensch und Natur". This is basically a science museum that's also suitable for children. We went at around 15:00 on a Saturday so it was pretty busy with lots of little children - a contrast to the peaceful Botanical Gardens.
It's only 3 euros to get in and will keep you entertained for quite some time!

It starts off with how the world started...

Then goes onto to tell you all about Minerals and rocks...

Then Dinosaurs and Evolution...
It goes on further to the more Science part of how our brain works etc and at the end there's a fun room full of quizzes and games! My favourite part - although little children kept wanting to join in our quizzes and generally messed it up.

Seeing Botanical Gardens and the Science Museum was quite tiring, and we left just as the sun started setting (which is really early now!)

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