Thursday, 13 March 2014

Back from Zwiesel!

A bit of a late post, but since I've come back I've been busy getting back into my course and also preparing for some exams in two weeks!
We have officially arrived in Spring, and I have photos to prove it!
Mine and Mum's week in Zwiesel...

 A friend from Mum has a flat above her house which is where we stayed.

We spent the week walking through the countryside.
 And visited the Haus zur Wildnis...
 And climbed a tree!

 We also went running on one misty day after it had rained, which was refreshing.
 Zwiesel is known for their glass making, so I bought some new wine glasses from their famous glass factory "schott". Reduced from 8 euros per glass to just 3!

I also bought a new Dirndl! So this year at Oktoberfest I can have a new Dirndl everyday :) It's always good to buy  them months before Oktoberfest, as I managed to get this one in the sale - it was 90 euros reduced to just 30!

A perfect week in Zwiesel! Thanks Mum!


  1. finally you figured out how to make your pictures big! ... or was it a mistake? anyway. how many dirndls do you have now, if you can wear one for every day of oktoberfest? i thought you only had one before this new one! x

  2. Haha I always knew how to make them big! But before my er "frame" was too small so the photo went outside the line of my blog post if you get what I mean?! Anyway I changed it so it fits in haha. Well yes now I have two! xx