Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Weekend

This weekend has been soooo nice and sunny I'm so excited for Summer!
Yesterday me and Jorg went to the gym and afterwards spent most of the day outside, we wanted to avoid Marienplatz as it was so sunny it was bound to be so full - so instead we went to Pasing. It was still full but it has a cool shopping centre and we went for a quiet walk.

Jorg with his Superman hoody that my Mum gave him!
Today I visited a friend who just moved into a nice flat in Schwabing, we made pizza and sat on her balcony with the amazing weather (she got a bit sunburnt it was that sunny!)

Her balcony backs onto a sports club which is fun to watch!

This picture doesn't do justice to what amazing blue skies we had today! I don't know what my camera did to make it look so grey haha.
I also wrote a few postcards and letters and sent them off to England today.

Now I'm back at home and preparing myself for next week - starting from Tuesday I'll be in 2 semester!


  1. OMG I am in love with the view from the balcony! How cool that it overlooks a sports field :) xx

  2. Ahh I know it's the best balcony! Fourth floor and the sun shines directly on you whilst you watch the people do sport :D xx