Friday, 28 February 2014

Fasching Ferien

After a long week I now get a week off which is "Fasching Ferien". Fasching is a carnival where everyone dresses up and eats doughnuts - why I have no clue as I don't really take part in it (apart from the eating doughnuts part).
Tomorrow my Mum is flying over and we're going to Bayerischer Wald - Zwiesel for a week! Our plan was actually a skiing holiday but as the weather is like Spring I don't think we'll have much luck with any snow, not that I'm complaining, I love the sun! So plan B is to catch up with friends and family and generally eat as much as we can.
I won't be able to write any posts as I'm not taking my laptop and won't have any internet there (apart from my phone) so I will take lots of photos and post them on here when I'm back next week!

I forgot to mention today we all got doughnuts in school because of Fasching, yay!!


  1. LOL happy doughnut day. Where are you in that picture? Hope you're having fun in Zwiesel!! xx

  2. Haha thanks! Just outside the school in the neighbours garden xx