Friday, 20 June 2014

Barbecue and some flat ideas!

Some photos from yesterday...

Above is my favourite summer drink ^^ It's called a Hugo.
The ingredients are pretty simple: Prosecco, elderflower sirup, mint, ice cubes and a slice of lime or lemon.
Just look how bubbly and refreshing it looks!

Here are some other photos, I didn't take any of my food although when I had it I did think "This look amazing I better take a photo!" and then that thought got lost somewhere and I gobbled the whole thing up. Woops.

I got a separate grill just for me and my vegetables!

Salad incoming!

I should've taken a photo twenty minutes later, when the table was so full with food and drinks we could barely fit the plates on! The drink on the table was my first drink of the afternoon, I would tell you what's in it but I have no idea - something with orange?! I will try and find out!

The food was great and afterwards we all sat around to watch England play in the World Cup - I think it was the first time I have watched a complete football match and was actually interested in it. Even if England did lose! 

Other than that we are still preparing for our move in less than two weeks time! As Jorg is building the kitchen I've already picked out what I want for all the door handles.

(Click on the photo and it will take you to their website!)
Everytime I go to Depot I see these cute door handles that are only 3 euros and I've been wanting to buy them for so long! Of course I've never had a use for them but now I can finally go mad! I'm leaning towards the ones in the top left hand corner - the blue and white ones for the kitchen with wooden counter tops and painted white cupboards. But as there is so much choice I just want to buy them all!
I might get a couple for the bathroom as well for the little cabinet under the sink etc (anywhere I can put these cute handles I will!).
What do you think? Are they not amazing?!

Have a good weekend  :)

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