Sunday, 3 August 2014

Back to England for the Summer

On Thursday evening I flew back to London to spend Summer here...

I spent Thursday packing, cleaning and messing around with my hair...
Where's my face gone?!

...Until it was time to leave my cute little flat and boyfriend and to fly over back to London!
On Friday me and Mum were up early and in the city centre at 8AM for an appointment with the Passport office to renew my passport. The paths were quiet and apart from some commuters and runners, London was ours.

I love this photo of Mum (this was an accidental photo whilst she was telling me to take a photo of the London Eye, but I think it just makes her look like a tour guide!)
London was typically grey with clouds, but it didn't rain. The passport office luckily didn't take that long and afterwards we strolled into Covent Garden, before stopping to take a break at Pret!

Afterwards we made our way to Trafalgar Square, saw a floating man, and carried onto Oxford Street.

Women's memorial for the War

After getting a bit carried away in American Apparel (I bought the most amazing leotard/body!) we had another break at a newly opened Bar. I can't remember the name of it (I don't think I ever noticed what it was called) but it was so nice and quiet in there instead of all the chain cafes and bars. 

After a bit more shopping we headed back home - I love London but I don't think I could live in the centre, it's just so loud! This is why I love Munich so much; it can be really busy and there's always something to do, but if you go walk 10 minutes outside the centre it's already peaceful! (And there are more trees.)

Anyway we made our way home and collapsed on the sofa with a cup of tea. A great way to start my "holiday" in England!

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